Another day gone, another black man lies dead six feet under, because of his colour. I just want to ask those white policemen, what exactly do you want from us? Is our colour so dirty and disgusting to you that all you want to do is kill us?

I am a black woman and I’m proud of my colour and race ,because that’s the colour God intented me to have. A man cried out to his mother during his final moments🥺, mothers this is your time to stand and fight for your children. Men rise and fight for your children, everybody rise and fight for what is right. The colour of your skin does not define who and what you’ll be in this society. 🖤

We will not back down

“I CANT BREATH” how many times should a black man say this before a white police man hears?How many times should a black man cry for help before a policeman lets him go?White policemen I ask you again, what do you want from us? Is one dead black person not enough for you? Is it? Racism should just be a bad memory not a sad reality. Why do you want us to live this nightmare everyday of our lives? What did we do that was so bad that we deserve death?

The beauty behind the pain.

The people who have watched when they see us, you know what happened to those young boys. For those who have not,let me tell you, the movie is about a biography about four boys who were sentenced to jail for over forty years because of a crime they have never even thought of commiting, the youngest being a fifteen year old boy. I want to ask the people who will read this, why and how would a fifteen year old boy take upon himself to help pin down and rape a twenty something year old woman? And the sad thing about all this was, the prosecutor knew they were innocent but she went ahead with the case because of fame and because they were black. The fight for our place in this world is hard and full of tears but it will never go unrewarded.

Im writing this to all the black people out there who are hiding, crying and wishing they were not coloured, please remember your colour does not and will never define you. I agree with the peaceful demonstrations that are taking place all round, but the violence needs to stop. We are not animals, we do not destroy and kill, we build and give life. Let us not forget who we are even with all that’s happening, let us not forget our roots. We are tough and hard working people, nothing breaks us, our faith is what keeps us going, let’s not stumble to the ground and let the white police way be our way. Let us make a difference but in the right way. Never forget “Black does not crack” we are stronger than this. So rise and take charge of the situation but in the right way. All back nations rise and help fight this injustice even if it’s a post or a donation to the cause,please do it, every person’s contribution counts no matter how small it is.

Let peace prevail ❤️

Kenyans I know some of you are posting saying we should fight our own wars first since we also have cases of police brutality, but we need to undertand one thing, what happens here is not racism. What the Americans are fighting against is racism not just police brutality. As much as I agree that our law enforcement teams are harsh but they do not kill because of the colour of your skin. Please let us help our fellow people any way we can, spread the word and start to help stop this chaos. We don’t compete with eachother, we are teammates for we bare the same skin colour so let us help one another. We are are all human beings fighting a war that was never meant to be. Let’s stick together.


We are roses

Hi I’m Emmalisa Wanja Nzaui, unique name I know. I’m new to all this but I feel like I should speak out about things that happened and generally happens to many ladies in this generation. This blog isn’t about hurting any lady who’ll get a chance to read this but to atleast help you think about your life choices. Every woman is beautiful no matter their body size or their looks looks, make up no make up, money no money. We are beautiful, and everyone is born with naturally beautiful skin and a beautiful toned body, no matter what anyone tells you. We are perfect but the choices we make is what makes the difference.

Im a plus size lady, I got a tummy, wide hips, a big bum and a chubby face. That’s a short description of me oooh and I’m beautiful cant leave that out i mean it’s even crazy how the mirror just loves me hahaha. Anyway in this generation being plus size is becoming the in thing especially when it comes to music videos, half naked women shaking their body for the pleasure of men and money. And if you’re not plus size you walk around in your underwear to show how good your body looks right. Let me tell you a secret ladies the only person you’re try to please when doing all this is yourself. Let me explain what I mean:

Seems like fun right

A famous singer like let me say ummm the Weeknd(he’s my personal favourite) picks you for a music video. The requirements for this video is flat tummy, slim waist, toned thighs, well shaped ass, curvy full breasts and no scares on your body right. Ok you pass that stage and move to the next stage, which is what you’ll be wearing. I’m sorry to say but a thong and a see through bralet aren’t clothes. Next, you need to be walking around during the music video, you are not the one singing,you’re not dancing professionally you’re literally just walking around maybe holding a bottle of whiskey or a big load of cash. Rubbing your bodies against them and lap dancing for them .That’s all you’ll be doing during video, you then finish, you’re paid after everything is over, that video hits it’s on the world best hits. Your body is trending all over the world, and the sad thing is that it’s not your body that will get the money it’s the weeknd because it’s his song that will be downloaded and placed on repeate not your body.

An example of the music videos I’m talking about.

The money you were given, let’s be honest most of you ladies don’t invest, you go spend the money on clothes, jewellery, body transformations so as to ensure your body remains as it is so that you could audition for another video that requires that so called”perfect body” .The gym is your best friend, alcohol in the evening is your lover and for some the pole is where you look for comfort from. Not all of you can be have a lucky break but even with a lucky break that will get you out of the pole won’t do much for your past because it will still follow you wherever you go. You will become mother’s some day God willing,think about it,you hopefully get a girl for instance, the pole dancing video of you comes out and she sees them when she’s it ,she won’t see anything bad about it because heck! you did it. And you won’t have enough talk to beat her because she has enough information to tell you off. Women we all know how teenage girls are and how difficult it can be to handle them.

Ok back to the “perfect body ladies” you’re called by one of the Weeknds friends for another video entailing the same sort of thing, the men fully clothed and you leaving nothing to a man wildest imagination. The trend continues, the cycle never ends it just becomes worse with more gigs, more luxury but for what ladies? A piece of paper that cannot even stay in your pockets for more than a day.

Thick women you are not off the hook, the world lately has started praising the hour glass figured bodies, the big ass, big breasts and small waist sort of look. I watch YouTube videos of men telling women how to lose their tummy or how to gain the hour glass figures, I watch small women tell us how to lose belly fat and how to make our thighs toned and all. What they are doing is fine for those women if that specific body size but for us big women done workout routines will be difficult on us. But the sad thing is that,videos of big women doing exercise and showing us how to maintain our big bodies just aren’t there and if they are they aren’t enough. We have hidden ourselves in closets,hiding our tummies and sugging breasts and thighs because of what we claim men want. Why are we doing what men want?what good do they do for us that we can’t do for ourselves? if it’s money ,we can work and get our own money, if it’s a home we can get our own homes, if it marriage! no man should tell you to lose a little weight so that he can accommodate you in his life. Hell no! he should size up and build up so he can be able to handle all that beauty because only a weak man can tell you that. My motto is I won’t lose weight and became small so that a man can be able to lift me up during our wedding, he will have to build up so he can be able to lift me up the way I am. The thing is that we ladies have lost our role in this world, we doing all these crazy things, walking around half naked while they fully clothed, eating salads ,running for miles so that we can be perfect for them when they are the ones who need us. We are the ones who keep a man whole, some say all they need is money but behind the scene theres always a lady in and out of their house. Because we women are their hope for a chance at love only we can give them the love they all crave for.

Look at her, Janet Jackson,rich beautiful and she doesn’t need to show off her body to get here. She used what she had, her talent

We don’t need to lose nothing or change nothing for that to happen. You see a man with a big tummy like Rick Ross walking around with “perfect bodied” ladies yet he looks like that. I ask myself why? they are beautiful women who can get any handsome man they want.. but the wrong we did is put so much value to money. Any Tom dick and hurry with money no matter they may look like,we follow. What is money?sure it buys clothes, jewellery,houses, trips to Dubai and back ;but at what price? is your body really worth 3 million dollars only? Ask yourself every morning whats your worth? One thing we forget is that money gets finished ,looks fade away and life itself ends, but the one thing that never dies is the legacy we leave behind. We women are the foundation of all life, we bring life into this world ,something men can’t do, imagine what would happen if we decided we won’t have any children no matter what! ..I’ll tell you what, this world will be extinct by the end of it all. We are the life and soul of this world but men have made us seem as low, useless women who are only good for sex and a good time. It’s time for us to fight back for what we deserve, ladies rise and take up the CEO positions without the use of your bodies, start blogs that talk about real things and help your fellow women.

Look at her, fully clothed and looking like a 🌹

The only way we can stop this degrading look that men have given us is by rising up and taking our positions in this society. Let the men to be the ones wearing their underwear in videos and showing off their stuff, let men be the ones losing weight and building their bodies up so they can be with us. Let them do the most for once and not us. We are mothers,we are ladies, we are girls with more to offer in this world than just our bodies, all we need to do is stand and show the world what we have.

What happened to this… wouldn’t you wanna date them yourselves

Don’t let Hollywood and what celebrities do lie to you. Work hard and use your talent to get what you want ,through that ,ladies ,you won’t owe the world nothing but your happiness. You’ll be seeing something ,you like it and you’ll buy it with your own money and I’m telling you thats. Try it. I’m not saying you let yourself go but do what makes you happy and what you’re comfortable with.

Happiness lies within and not in a man